September 16, 2016

Field Services & Investigations

CPA has been providing field services since 1956, with a network of over 200 Field Officer’s nationwide and growing, which is achieved through the longstanding membership with the Institute of Mercantile Agents.

CPA works with Utilities, Banking and Finance, Legal, Insurance, Transport and many other sectors,

Our Team has the latest technology to provide real time reporting, so you can check updated notes, monitor the status of each file and submit updates and instructions or run customised reports for the following services:

  • Process Serving
  • Field Calls
  • Vacant Possessions/Evictions
  • Asset Repossessions
  • Court Filing
  • Court Examinations
  • Demand payments
  • Investigations & surveillance

CPA can help you access our growing network providing field calls, process serving, delivery of demand notices and investigation services.