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Debt Collection Specialists Since 1956.
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is intimate and we focus on remaining a boutique provider of debt collection services. What this means in practical terms is that we do not run high volume debts through a pre-determined collection path and do not have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. This is what we expect the majority of our competitors to do. We however spend more time on each matter with a focus on portfolio management, a key eye for details others may miss and a personable approach to matters of high complexity. This includes but is not limited to assisting customer experiencing long term hardship, converting unresolved disputes to payment, intense skip tracing efforts on missing customers and the overall management of more difficult customers.

Our focus

Debt Collection Specialists Since 1956.
Consumer Credit & collections

We have a dedicated division specialising in consumer debt recovery with a focus in utilities debt recovery. Our local credit solution specialists can assist your team with high volume portfolios or small difficult assignments.

Commercial Debt Collection Services

Our commercial debt recovery specialists have extensive experience in building, transport, manufacturing, professional fees and many SME businesses who also understand the importance of quick cost effective debt recovery & have partnered with Mercantile CPA.

Legal Services

We provide specialised legal advice in debt recovery and insolvency matters, including statutory demands, bankruptcy, summons, mortgage enforcements and rates recoveries.

Field Services & Investigations

Mercantile CPA provides a process serving and field call service with access to a network of professionally trained and qualified bailiffs Australia wide.

Business Process Improvement & Consulting

Accounts receivable, credit management consulting, business consulting, outbound local call assignments, credit recruitment & outsourcing credit solutions.

Creditor Protection Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions play a large role in your credit protection. Credit protection documents can be as simple as updating your existing credit application; CPA can ensure you have the latest protection

Financial Assistance

Contact our office today for financial assistance Mercantile CPA recommends an enhancement solution that goes beyond debt collection.

Celebrating 60 Years of Service

Executive Team

Our licenced debt collection staff have many years of experience in all areas of both consumer and commercial debt collection, credit consulting and receivables management.
Wade Bekesi
Wade Bekesi
Managing Director
Wade has a passion for business and helping people both in the business world and his personal life. A self-made man, Wade started his career 16 years ago in business before quickly becoming immersed in the collection industry in 2005 starting his collections career with GE handling mortgage recoveries, then acquiring his first DCA in 2006, then CPA in 2012 creating Mercantile CPA into the business it is today.
Andrea Chmielewski
Andrea Chmielewski
Senior Credit Consultant
Andrea has 38 years experience in debt collection industry and has worked for various Mercantile Agencies dealing mostly with consumer debts in retail, engineering, utility, medical and various service industries. Andrea specialises in consumer debt collection, litigation, and is experienced in commercial debt recovery, end to end debtor processes management, difficult negotiations, in house and 3rd party debt collection. Andrea has done consulting work for various organisations on behalf of MercantileCPA.
Chris Richards
Chris Richards
Chief Finance Officer
Chris Richards has been the CFO for the company for the last 9 years, with an accounting degree and a love for financial numbers Chris has made an excellent team member giving confidence to our accounting team, auditors and compliance. He is well respected within the organisation and beyond. Chris is very approachable and can and can ensure your recovery rates are at peak performance with constant internal and external reviews.
Neil Ricketts
Neil Ricketts
Business Development Officer
Neil Ricketts has many years experience in the credit Management and debt collection industry. Neil has been involved in the credit industry as a Senior Credit Manager for over 30 years specializing in a number of business sectors. As a Life Member of the Australian Institute of Credit Management, Neil understands the requirements to ensure your credit strategy and collection processes are aligned to the maximization of cash flow and minimization of bad and slowing paying debts.

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